Preschool piano lessons Wenatchee kindergarten

Piano Lessons for Tiny Fingers

A head start in music, math, & life. 

Piano lessons for the preschool aged student need to be encouraging, creative, & engaging. Well planned, but yet spontaneous. Your student needs to create and enjoy making music from the very first lesson.


Your child will learn to play the piano through rote/pattern-play teaching, improvisation and then note reading,

There are on & off bench activities to keep the time diverse and action packed which includes games, drums, puzzles, and lots of manipulatives.

Pre-K  students take 30-minute weekly lessons held at my Wenatchee studio in the Sunnyslope area.  There are three piano parties each school year.

Because we want the learning to continue at home, a full size (88-key) keyboard or piano is required to enroll in this program. 

A grown-up is also needed to help play the music games and to facilitate short practice sessions.

Piano lessons preschool kids

Off the Bench

Getting students off the bench to play with music concepts keeps learning interesting and motivating

Method Books

Students will use the Wunderkeys, Road Trip, or Piano Safari books to creatively learn rhythm, notation, and improvisation.

Preschool piano lessons Wunderkeys Wenatchee
Piano lessons taught creatively. Piano student preschool kindergarten

A fun way to learn the piano keys.

Happy Kids
Proud Parents

Why Lessons at this age?

Preschool piano lessons wenatchee

Numerous studies reveal the piano to be a powerful tool for developing mathematical thinking.  A “window of opportunity” exists through the preschool years when learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain.  Since this window of opportunity is relatively short, it is important to make the most of these early years. Click on the links above to learn more.

Music training leads to greater gains in auditory and motor function when begun in young childhood (infant to age 7).

piano lessons preschool kindergarten Wenatchee Cashmere

Everyday listening skills are stronger in musically-trained children than those without music training.

piano lessons kindergarten preschool Wenatchee Cashmere wunderkeys

Children who receive musical instruction have more robust brain stem responses later in life as adults, as compared to peers who never participated in music lessons.

In piano lessons your child can ...

Gain Math Skills
Learn Music Concepts
Build Confidence