Mini Musicians

This class will engage your 4-6 year old in learning beginning piano skills in a group setting.  

Each 45-minute class is filled with age appropriate activities to experience rhythm, melody, & beginning note reading.

These basic music components can then apply to any instrument.

How do 4-6 year olds learn best ?

Kids this age learn best through experiences.

Weekly activities will strengthen neural connections and create strong pathways in their brain.

Each piano class is structured for a balance of learning activities, spontaneity, and fun within a small group.

Parents don't usually stay for these classes, but are welcome to stay to help ease the transition for the first few weeks.

preschool piano lessons kindergarten Wenatchee Cashmere

mini Musicians

kindergarten preschool piano lessons Wenatchee Cashmere

Music is Fun!

Music learning should be fun.  If it isn’t enjoyable, who’s going to want to do it? 

By starting early, your child can easily learn how to transfer their creativity of singing and movement onto the piano keys.  

It might just be so fun, that they won’t even know they are learning something that can stick with them for the rest of their life. 

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Creativity Starts Now!

Rhythm-play with instruments and also through movement teaches kids about steady beat (a high priority).

Rhythm then forms a framework for kids to create together and play ensemble pieces (that actually sound good). 

Kids are allowed to be creative and make music from the very first class.

Preschool piano lessons Wenatchee

No pressure.
No practice needed!

In class we will use games, improvisation, listening, and movement to learn.

Students will get introduced to the piano but no “homework” will be expected.

They will become familiar with rhythmic notation and develop beginning reading skills.

Piano groups will be kept small (only 3-6 students) so your child will get the attention they need to grow.

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Choose Mini Musicians if ...

You want a solid approach to group learning.

You would like a studio that welcomes & understands young learners.

You want to seize the window of opportunity in helping your child’s brain development

Your child needs a social learning experience.

You want your child to get pre-reading notation experience on the piano.

You want your child to have a basic understanding of musical concepts.

The details...

Classes meet weekly at my home studio following a semester calendar.

Classes are 45 minutes each.

Tuition covers class experiences and all materials.

Semesters are 16 weeks.

Late enrollment is allowed if class size permits. 

Three students are needed to create a class.

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Class Times

Monday 1:30-2:15 pm

Wednesday 10:45-11:30 am

Friday 1:30-2:15 pm

Semester Calendar


Fall/Winter      Sept 23-Jan24

Winter/Spring      Jan27-June 8

Class Tuition

Tuition is $214 per semester and includes all materials.

Tuition payable in one or two installments.