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From the very start, piano lessons can be engaging and fun. Students at 88-Keys Piano Studio in Wenatchee are encouraged to be creative musicians right away.  

Music making is much more than recitals, memorization, and rigid guidelines. 

Off-the-bench games, activities, contests, and piano parties help keep students inspired on their music journey.  

Pop songs, lead sheets, improvisation, jazz, rote playing, method books, and even the classics produce lifelong musicians.

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Group piano lessons make learning to play the piano fun and encourage team work.
Piano Party Fall 2018

Playing the piano could get lonely, but not at 88-Keys Piano Studio.  

Piano parties and studio wide incentive challenges keep students moving forward with a goal in mind. 

We use the Better Practice App which allows students to send compliments and check out practice progress of their studio team mates. 

Students from Wenatchee, Cashmere, Leavenworth, and surrounding areas learn to play the piano and work together as well.

Mini Musicians is group class that introduces 4-6 year olds music foundations.

We explore music notation, improvisation, aural skills, and keyboard geography through games and activities tailored to this age group.  

This foundation gets them ready to study privately on any instrument.

There is no-pressure for at home practice in this class. 

Preschool students are enthusiastic, creative, and ready to learn.

88-Keys Piano Studio specializes in flexible and developmentally appropriate techniques to these eager beginners in 30-minute individual lessons.

A full-size instrument is needed for at home practice.

Starting lessons at any age is a great adventure.

Whether you are 6 or 76, you can learn to play the piano. 

A combination of rote teaching and reading allows students to play songs and be creative on the keys right away. 

45-minute & 60-minute lessons are available.

A full-size instrument is needed for at home practice.

Research has shown that brain development is enhanced by participating in music. 

Learning to play the piano is rewarding and has life-long benefits after other activities have faded away.  

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Contact me to schedule a parent/child consultation to see if piano lessons are a good fit.

During this 20-30 minute time your student will learn something new, learn a little about me, and I will learn a little about them. 

Then, we can make an informed decision about the next step of their music journey.